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Trailer mounted generator genset

Trailer power station as a backup power, it is supported to supply the reliable power for different equipments according to different working conditions of power supply requirements, and also supply the power for lighting system, battery charging and control units.

Trailer layout

Trailer power plant components: Trailer, anti sound container box, diesel gen set, control panel, outlet switch cabinet, fuel tank, air inlet system, air outlet system, noise silencer device, exhaust device, starting device, wheels, brake system , caution lights, fire fighting equipment, cable winding and releasing device and grounding device, etc.

Power range for Trailer genset can be from 20kW-500kW by optional engines

Fujian DingFeng Machinery & Electric Manufacture Co.,Limited

Was founded in 2006 by Mr. ZhaoHong Rao. We specialize in developing and producing diesel engines, diesel gen sets and pumps.

We provide power solutions for a multitude of applications, whether they are for residential, commercial, industrial, Telecom, hospitality, agricultural or recreational uses. We ensure our clients requirements are met and fulfilled at all times through our over 10 years experience.

By integrating the supply chain resources in China, we are willing to share theLow-costof Made in China and theHigh-qualityof Create in China with all customers around the world.

Our goal is to help customers reduce costs and increase competitiveness continuously.


0086 591 88071385

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