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The most common reasons for a generator not to start are the following.

The battery is flat. If the battery is flat you will either hear nothing when the generator tries to start, a click or a similar sound to when a car has a flat battery.

Possible causes of this could be: the battery has been sitting unused for a long time, the battery no longer holds a charge, there is no battery charger or the battery charger is not working
No Fuel in the generator. If there is no fuel the generator may attempt to start multiple times without starting. If you have recently run out of fuel and filled the generator up you need to prime the system with the pump.

Does it sound like this?

Other reasons that may cause the generator not to start could include:

  1. Low Cranking Speed
  2. Incorrect Starting Procedure
  3. Some or All Glow Plugs Bad
  4. No Fuel to Cylinders
  5. Plugged or Restricted Return
  6. Insufficient Fuel Supply
  7. No Voltage to Shut-off Solenoid
  8. Shut-off Solenoid Bad
  9. Poor Fuel Quality
  10. Incorrect Pump to Engine Timing
  11. Low Compression
  12. Bad Injection Pump
  13. Incorrect Engine Timing
  14. Internal Engine Problems

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