Self-contained Power

Self-contained power supply is needed in the following conditions: shortage of power supply, unstable power grid, no power grid for power supply (such as island far away from continent, remote pasturing area, village, military camp, work station, and radar station)

Emergency Standby Power

In the condition when sudden interruption of electricity equipment (such as fire extinguishing system, escape lighting, and elevator of high-rise buildings, control system of automatic production line and important communication system, etc.) will result in a significant loss or personal injury, the emergency generator set shall be installed to supply power emergently. In these conditions, automatic start diesel generator with degree of automation shall be installed

Continuous Energy

The main sectors of Continuous energy supply are applied to construction, rental, primary production and rural and other areas where with limited energy supplies We focuses on cutting-edge solutions for continuous energy supply using compact gensets that are easy to transport, suitable for extreme weather conditions resistant to the erosion of time.

Mobile Trailer Power

Mobile Trailer power are widely used in outdoor activities, construction sites, railway projects, industry, mines, rental, and disaster relief. Power range are available from 5kVA to 500kVA.

Mobile Lighting Tower

Lighting towers are widely used in outdoor activities, construction sites, railway projects, industry, mines, movie and television photography, rental, and disaster relief. With respect to the lamp source, our Lighting towers can be divided into halide lamp and led lamp. Halide lamp has the characteristics of small in size, high brightness, Lighting color, easy installation, and long service time; known as a new Lighting source of the 21st century, LED lamp has the characteristics of safety, long service life, low power solution, etc.

Customised solutions

Our wide-range of generators includes customised products designed to meet the specific needs of particular niche markets. These include working with the armed forces and civil protection services,and in telecommunications and the marine sector.

Fujian DingFeng Machinery & Electric Manufacture Co.,Limited

Was founded in 2006 by Mr. ZhaoHong Rao. We specialize in developing and producing diesel engines, diesel gen sets and pumps.

We provide power solutions for a multitude of applications, whether they are for residential, commercial, industrial, Telecom, hospitality, agricultural or recreational uses. We ensure our clients requirements are met and fulfilled at all times through our over 10 years experience.

By integrating the supply chain resources in China, we are willing to share theLow-costof Made in China and theHigh-qualityof Create in China with all customers around the world.

Our goal is to help customers reduce costs and increase competitiveness continuously.


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